INDEPENDENT STORES where you CHARGE YOUR CREATIVITY with QUALITATIVE clothes and fill yourself with positive energy.
 On Ukrainian market we have the widest range of dresses for any taste and occasion.

     You know, 
shops are such places which have their stories, events, vibes, memories...These are the places where women meet their perfect dresses. 
     If you visit Kyiv or L'viv cities come to see our brick-and-mortar shop. You will understand that our windows are the eyes of the streets and we care for vibes and memories. 
     When you get into a shop and before you start choosing among variants try to communicate, see if people who work here can help you. It is also important to understand your own wishes and mood not only needs. 
     Our team always try to make a person relax and tune in to the natural rhythm, get inspired and harmonized.



                   L'viv     Kyiv    


L'viv city

Historical center 

9  B.Rohatyntsiv St.
('B' stands for 'Brativ' meaning "Brothers")
9  Rohatyntsiv Brothers Street
+38 (097) 990-75-59

This street crosses one of the main L'viv-city streets Halytska St. The nearest famous monuments are Danylo Halytskiy King monument on the Halytska square and Ratusha (the City Hall) on Rynok square. Thus, Halytska St. joins two main central city squares: Rynok sq. and Halytska sq.



  Kyiv city

  Historical center                      

10 Prorizna St.                                                
Khreshchatyk Metro station                             
(near the big arc in the building)                     
tel: (044) 361-0-557

press on picture and have a nice trip:

p.s. convenient parking near by shops


                               Atelier at shops in Kyiv

                                                                     free fitting of our clothes for your figure