The potential of your wardrobe

It is a particularly topical issue, when there is more and more place in a wardrobe, and it's getting smaller and scarier though)))
The potential of clothes, a specific dress, for example, is the ability of a dress to develop / improve its qualities over time.

Let's be realistic:

* I eat  in a restaurant with a glass of wine + an ice cream = pleasure and effect stays for a couple of hours;

*I visite massage / spa = the effect is felt a week or even longer;

* I scramble to the mountains or swim in the sea = the charge for the whole season is guaranteed.

But the clothes are having an effect for years!

Yes, sometimes we save on a blouse, thinking about whether it's enough for a cinema...or try to pay less for a jacket, to buy more yammies...or just buy cheaper today to buy a new one tomorrow.

Finally, we get clothes, which do not inspire us, and do not fit our usual wardrobe.
In such a way we rush to consume more, to buy again-and-again. 

What could be a solution? How can I act otherwise?

It is very simple and proven by the wisdom of millennia.


Hmm, it sounds so ni. So, suppose, I buy a dress for $100. It fits me right, accents on my pluses and hides my minuses in my figure. 
It inspires me, allows me to feel more confidently.  I am more receptive to the surrounding, inside even if it was exciting - when I put on such a dress "hop" and the switch switches and I see new horizons of possibilities, the strength to go to them.
hmmmmmmmmmmmm, that's the dress.

Now to the point.
Dresses with the potential for development - there are, and for sure you even tried such, met.

The main thing is to learn how to determine and choose them.

What is important in order to determine the potential of the dress?

1. materials (of all levels: fabric, threads, dubbing, accessories ....);

2. Technology (at all stages: design, pattern, sewing, storage ...)


that is, if in a dress (a piece of clothing) we used cool raw materials. And the technology was not broken at the subsequent stages of creation - the thing will be REAL THING.

Dresses made of cotton, linen, wool, nettles ... = serve longer than acrylic, polyester, lavsan, polyamide, acetate ...
Dresses of protein silk, wool .... cellulose flax, cotton .... do not stink even after 10-20-30 years, unlike similar sensations from polyesters / acetates ... which acquire a musty odor in a year- two.
Perhaps the color of artificial tissues is better preserved, but the Chip of Things with the Years - Just As in the Changing Color!

It's like in architecture - if we want to SEE HISTORY, then no sensible historian will allow to "restore" the primary view and destroy the deposition / layering of history.
Yes, perhaps the author primarily uses some other colors / shades, but the value of the story is just in the CHANGES that have accumulated and are displayed on the subject.
Therefore, the Vatican still walls the buildings at home - it is repaired with milk and eggs, and they do not come up with polystyrene to beat them, and then plaster them with bright synthetic paints.

SAME PARALLEL WITH CLOTHING - value in changes that manifest themselves on natural fiber, and synthetic - like silicone lips - bez zmin.

with materials like clear.

Now, briefly about the technology.
If you choose a dress based on the expression of the girl's face model on which he is photographed - it's better not to try to choose "potential". It's like for men at car dealers near the car put bodies in swimsuits, in order to include the transfer of associations from the body to the car.

That is, you need to learn and train your attention - to see the style, design, lines, geometry - and abstract from the smiley / frowned brows / lips ajar ...

Intelligent technologies provide:
* The dress will not break at the seams when used intensively;
* The dress will sit well on your body, even when the "weight game" is up to +/- 5 kg;
* Convenience of performing movements / actions;
* there is a correlation between the physical form and the psycho state = the created forms of clothing inspire and give confidence to your sensations;
* ...


clothing is an investment for years;

with 1 garment - we contact 100-1000 times more often than with 1m food dish, color of nails, transportation in transport;

Over the years, not all clothing reveals its secret and best qualities.

We hope that the grain has got into the prepared soil and you will make your own conclusions.

with love, SE
(se - this is an abbreviation of the suburbeurope or international designation of silk - decide for yourself  ))))


immersed in the meaning: normocore.

faced with the surprise of our good friends that in Europe there are no more hipsters.
It turns out that many local opinionleaders have an opinion that beards / hettejbotinki and other attributes - are still relevant in the progressive communes.

emmmmmmm, as if so to say softer about what Pts are often trends in Ukr. - lag behind the REAL trends .... for years that way at -5 .... and many real trends do not manifest themselves in our society ..... for example, in the world today, progressive people are hovering over questions:
Internet culture (eco-systems such as "pipes");
artificial intelligence and alienation from technology;
bio-ethics, bio-art, bio-...;
speculative realism;
digital urbanism;
social production of the future;
and we even in Moldova have not met so much time to choose between wristwatches: gold or digital ....
guys, actually, yes, we live on the outskirts of Europe)))

ok, let's figure out that after heavy boots, Colored tattoos and Adolf's hairstyles are actual today:

hair - to cover with Chinese caps with faded fonts like "we'll make America ... again great." Really the trend is a couple of years.

shoes - technological nikes ... any techno shoes, where a minimum of seams, heaviness, olden.

clothing - normocor.

Friends, today = 2018.
That is, young people (those who change and learn quickly, regardless of age in principle) naturally, that has grown on the boom of digital technologies in recent years.

so today's clothes are progressive-active people are chosen:
1. comfortable (no narrowed waist, clamped neck, raised tits, pinned lips ...);
2. Accepted by the crowd (to dissolve in their affairs, and not to fight off an umbrella from the attention of Gopnik);
3. Affordable (no sane people with an income of even 5000 euros per month - 300 euros already do not pay for their belongings ... it would be better to transfer this money to help the children of Somalia);

that is, trends dressing a shirt over a shirt, dresses on top of jeans - this is not for shocking, it's so convenient for those who erased the border between the office / house, cyber / villa ....
You go not to meet - pulled on the dress on top - and from you this kind of energy.
Then you go to "atb" - took off the dress, and you are already a practical collector in jeans, etc.

tech shoes, and not a wooden platform shoe ... without explanation.

normcore - in suburbeurope locations .... or on supermarket shelves (if you care about people who created these items).

p.s. and finally a bonus: progressive youth (remember - it's not about age) counts = that an individual is born who chooses for himself a communion. And not stuck with us the idea that we are born in a commune of borders, and then we are an individual,)