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17 White Dresses You Can Buy And Stain Right Now

1. Eyelet Swing Dress

Eyelet Swing Dress

Pair with a hotdog with ketchup and mustard for a beautiful stain.

Buy it from Anthropologie for $158.


2. Button-Front Denim Dress

Button-Front Denim Dress

Pair with red raspberry popsicle for a lovely pink mark that you’ll never be able to wash out.

Get it from J. Crew for $138.


3. Strapless Dress

Strapless Dress

This dress looks incredible with a soft peanut butter and jelly stain just below to collarbone.

Buy it at H&M Strapless Dress for $70.


4. Cut-Out Midi Sundress

Cut-Out Midi Sundress

Wear while trying to finish a chocolate ice cream cone before it melts in 80+ degrees weather.

Get it at Topshop for $80.


5. Scuba Lace Midi Dress

Scuba Lace Midi Dress

Try sitting back and balancing your plate of chicken curry on your chest as you accentuate your waist with a spilled-on curry splash design.

Purchase this at Missguided for $60.


6. Crochet-Yoke Tier Dress

Crochet-Yoke Tier Dress

Pair with tripping and falling in the mud for a gorgeous umber tint.

Buy it at Gap for $80.


7. Whisper Sleeveless Dress


Pair with your heavy flow.

Get this French Connection dress on Amazon for French Connection Whisper Sleeveless Dress”>$198.


8. D-Casey Dress

D-Casey Dress

This dress looks lovely with your decision to play kickball on a grassy field.

Buy it at Diesel for $99.


9. Kinsey Lace-Blocked Pleated Dress

Kinsey Lace-Blocked Pleated Dress

Pair with that dangerously full third glass of merlot.

Purchase this at BCBG for $368.


10. Asymmetrical Zip Front Sleeveless Moto Dress

Asymmetrical Zip Front Sleeveless Moto Dress

Add on slurping spaghetti for that je ne sais quoi.

Get it at Calvin Klein for $108.


11. Lavish Alice Dress

Lavish Alice Dress

Wear this dress with a greasy dollar slice of pizza resting on your cape.

Buy it on ASOS for $98.


12. Mock-Neck Cutout Maxi Dress

Mock-Neck Cutout Maxi Dress

Add a splash of mocha latte for a real pop of color.

Purchase at Forever 21 for $30.


13. Surplice High-Low Maxi Dress

Surplice High-Low Maxi Dress

Give the ends of the dress some flare by accidentally dragging the dress through dog shit.

Buy it at White House Black Market for $180.


14. Leith Stretch Crepe Tank Dress

Leith Stretch Crepe Tank Dress

Draw attention to your butt in this dress by sitting on some gum and not noticing for hours that it’s there.

Buy it at Nordstrom for $68.


15. Adelina Shift Dress

Adelina Shift Dress

Wear this while writing a beautiful handmade letter and watch the pen explode all over your lily white dress.

Get it from Lilly Pulitzer for $238.


16. Victoria Wedding Gown

Victoria Wedding Gown

It’s your wedding day? Organically incorporate something blue by knocking into the colored icing on your own wedding cake while you attempt a father-daughter dance.

Purchase it from Target for $270.


17. Ruffle Fit And Flare Dress

Ruffle Fit And Flare Dress

Explosive diarrhea.

Purchase it at Free People for $128.