get to the point of buying a zipper sewing machine for sewing bulletproof vests.

All operations that will be counted on this machine = will be cost-free.
And the quality of the superiority of the bulletproof vest is greatly increased.

our sewing shop "suburbeurope" needs 75 000 UAH (2,2K USD) for the purchase of a zipper machine.

Let's cheer for the support!

You can transfer money to a monobank:







Hi, there!
You are on the page of the Suburbs of Europe Lviv city, Ukraine.
Here is a geographical fact - the center of Europe is situated in our country! :)
But...we are the suburbs :)))

We are the local cooperative of  bio-dynamic apparel with its own design and production. 
Our clothes are for those who reveal their nature, mood and taste, but not cover all this with random clothes in order to hide themselves among others alike.

We create for you!
Now we are together in one community of dreamers & creators :)))
Our products really fill women with energy!
      * We set Reasonable Pricing - shipping directly from our ethical production workshop in Lviv city.
That is why you don't pay any additional sums for any extra warehouses, offices, advertising, as all the clothes on our site we created independently. So you only invest in materials and those people who think about your desires and meet your needs :)
We are your neighbors - and we appreciate the relationship between us can develope over the years.
      * We guarantee the Convenience and Reliability of our products thanks to competent design (our team are specialists with decades of experience) and quality of sewing (we create clothes for years).
SUBURB clothes are perfect for all occasions - your business meetings and long day sitting at a table; your private life and long walks, for  dancing or driving etc. 

      * Our team do inspirational selection of Fabrics with Natural Fibers and Colors of Power, which give a woman useful electromagnetism, the most important qualities for the health (air exchange, temperature retention, purity of smell, removal of moisture). But most importantly - our dresses nourish your mood with joyous emotions!


You get 100% guarantee that these clothes are made in compliance with all the rules of SUSTAINABLE FASHION: environmental safety, decent work conditions, copyright, zero manipulation in advertising. These are the clothes created by the Ukrainian local community from the big design idea to the last button (not the Asian labels, or any mass print runs).

Modern clothes are designed in accordance with the 2021s design moods!
You will get practical and ergonomic fitting, vast variety of colours, variable silhouettes.
DIFFERENT SHADES OF ALL THE COLOURS  for joyous emotions are our design signature.

 Inspiration and comfort is what will definitely bring these clothes into your everyday life.
Designer Apparel with Warranty for Years is now absolutelly affordable!

try on!      feel it!     express U!