?                                                                    !

  but WHAT is unique for me?


  We switch your way of life from profitable consumption - to creative self-manifestation.
These dresses, skirts, blouses, overalls, underwear ... - really nourish and activate your senses with subtle / invisible energies. In fact, this clothing promotes the manifestation of your personality.

Perhaps you have so far paid little attention to understand how inside get along and the heart with the liver and lotuses with chakras))) So here we are in these wilds BioEnergoInformational flows a little deeper figured out and already take care of that clothes not only materially tangible, that has other forms / qualities than physical and material (well, not everything is visible.) You will not see or touch electricity, but you learned how to use it).
A similar situation with the forces of subtle energies that light bulbs: good, love, honor, joy .... These subtle energies are, and they also like electricity, pass through some wires, and through some can not. Clothing is one of the conductors of such energies - certain tissues accumulate what activates confidence, honor, courage .... certain colors nourish the forces of good intentions, give the person energy for creation, creation, joy.

The bio-dynamics of the universe forms fibers that heal and inspire. Yes, oddly enough, but the phases of the moon and the location of the stars - affect those qualities that will be laid when sewing clothes ...... the falling moon - it's better to sew something going down, not blouses and collars. And when the collar is created with the growing moon - this dress will be ideal for business presentations of new projects.

you get here from clothes,)


and how many more thousand of these same dresses will I meet on the street?
   fundamentally we sew 1 model in 5 sets of sizes = for the whole world (that is = 15 units). No parties for 100/1000/10000 units.
      And if the model of dress is very important for someone else, but no longer, then we repeat the model, BUT, or in another fabric, or we alter details: pockets, buttons with a zipper, we replace the sleeve form.
In a word, at work with a colleague in the same dress, you will NOT meet.


there are discounts / stocks /...?

To make discounts / promotions - you need to add an extra surcharge beforehand. This is simple logic.
We have these extra margins = NO.
If we reduce prices, for example, for experts in non-profitable occupations (the curator of a museum or an employee of a children's home), or young mothers, students, it is solely because we are removing our profits in the price of such products altogether.
In short, champagne and a bunch of photoreports about charity is not about here.


Who does this?

People. Joyful people. If someone without a smile comes to their workplace - we give a person a break to harmonize themselves and to work EXCLUSIVELY WITH POSITIVE FEELINGS.
     Yes, the production is located in Lviv, but there are no links to any political, ideological concepts. Now you read in Russian, and across the road from us a Jewish synagogue, and in one shop there are Moldovans, Hungarians, Vinnichans and Donechans ... all have blood red, and clouds fly around the entire planet without borders.


  and where such a dress?

good question. If the choice is between a museum and a shopping center - choose a museum.
If the question is more general, then let's think a little wider - YOU ALREADY HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED. Your inner world directs your attention to this, thinking.
BUT habits, some settings / stereotypes / patterns from the past (sometimes imposed by someone else) prevent you from following the call of your true self. And you are looking for REASONS / EVIDENCE that letting this dress in your world - right and well from the point of view vision of these past patterns / stereotypes.
and yes, we can prove to your brain using understandable words from its past:
for many years

But if you realize that YOU = DO NOT BRAIN, and your inner world gives advice much more interesting, can it, and keep in the world of your feelings / intuition until they become stronger and become your full-fledged guiding star ???
In a word - why do you need someone's words / evidence / TIPS, if you know the answers,)
trust yourself, not the programmed brain.
and do you have ORGANIC clothing and how do you really care about nature at all?

  Back in the distant zero, we drew hand posters on the topic of organic. They brought Turkish shirts from the best producers of organic cotton. Popularized book "travel T-shirts." So, yes, we understand how the global economy influences with its chemical industry to ecology, materials.
Yes, we continue to periodically select organic fabrics for clothing - cotton knitwear, domestic flax.
But we also realize that not all chemists like to splash in oil and have little to worry about harmony with nature. And many good specialists, the companies are engaged in the development of organic-friendly materials, paints, take care of ecological compatibility and renewability of resources.
That's it for such manufacturers and with such materials we work. We attend exhibitions, we study specialized literature.
The main principle of which we adhere to in terms of environmental friendliness = clothing should serve for years, and after the end of its service life - it is easy to disintegrate under natural conditions. Therefore, the accent is made on wear-resistant at times coarse natural fabrics, rather than on elastic chemical.


  what color is used when applied to a fabric - its production is harmful to nature, is it useful for my health?
 We use exclusively the paint that is manufactured and approved in the EU for application to baby clothing (newborns). These are expensive paints, but ........ we have free shipping, and a perpetual guarantee,)

and why are there busts without push-ups?

  The question is useful and requires additional academic study. That is, you care why our underwear does not create the effect laid out on the tray boobs? Ummm, maybe because it's time to learn to distinguish between sexual desires and sexual addiction ... especially sexual exploitation and slavery.
Tantric practices, sensual lyrics etc. are a good alternative to contacting the person of your interest.


this is a sect ... or what are you talking about so much about the soul / feelings / universe?
rather the kingdom of dresses, than the tailors' sect ,)

and you can order a dress that is no longer on the site?

You can order. The only thing - you have to wait not 5 working days of its tailoring, but about 10 days. Well, the fabric is coordinated on the fact of the actual, and not exactly the same as it was before.

when there are new items?  
   Weekly. Every week 10 new models.
we are so rich or unaware of the truth of life that we allow payment after receiving the parcel and fitting?
  Firstly, we do not understand how you can pay for clothes without first measuring it ... anyway, that in the Middle Ages they married by pictures or the decision of their parents.
Yes, buying a pig in a poke, or shoveling everything by the brand badge is a certain kind of shopping therapy .... but we do not understand such relations between people. Therefore, the clothes we created - you first try on, feel, realize, and only then pay.
Well, if you are concerned with the issue of decency (they will take it and not pay) - then these are dangerous thoughts ... from which mindsets of reason did they rise? ,)

but can clothes from the outskirts make me super-wise, a professional artist / climber or at least the most influential woman since Cleopatra's time?

  hmm ... well ... no. Sorry, it's honest. But dresses from the outskirts - REALLY care about the condition and the fullness of your feelings - and your wallet. Maybe it's even better than being in the opinion of a crowd of super-woom.

and why dresses without gloss and a lot of labels, they are not new?
Everything that is packed is without life. Burger, man, butterfly ... - just packed in a box - everything. So with clothes, we love the draft. When it is still warm, there is no point at the end of the sentence. So to say a dress is an instrument that customizes a virtuoso = a woman. Therefore, we do not really hang a lot of labels, we do not spray the finished product with a shimmering luster, we often do not even get something done. These items are from under the needle, the way: a cutting table-a sewing machine-your body ... no extra packages / storage / shiny chemistry. Do not rush with conclusions throwing an eye on the brand-labels. Feel the thing, subdue the hurrying eye


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