SKU: 1918_36
Style: femmie

Price: 1907 UAH

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Editor's notes: flowers are not just that! Flowers are amazing plants that do not have much practical use, and yet, flowers mean a lot to people. For example, a lily is a symbol of French kings, and a rose is a heraldic symbol of the Tudors.
What do flowers mean in this overall?
An interesting thing, which can be both the base and the center of the image. At work will help to impress the confident and happy person who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd, like a real leader. Convenient, huh?
The image of "walk" will make it more feminine, while not diminishing in practicality. With a delicate scarf, romantic, with contrasting lipstick bold and open for joy.
Blue flower fields forever!

Practical notes: practical plosive, but flexible fabric. So it is possible and in the summer to wear, and with a winter sweater. With a shirt to work.
Forms a simple elongated silhouette. Of course, it will suit you if your figure is an hourglass or a rectangle. Attentive only look at the length.

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