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Style: femmie

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Editor's notes: Do you see the bright stars lights on the sky?
Or maybe this is the dew glitters in the morning sun
Or are there your colourful emotions gleaming inside your body? 
This is the-positive-dress! The temperamental outburst!
You surely know how is feels when you let something from outside to change your inner emotional depth. This dress could be such accelerator;)
It can encourage, support and inspire. It resonates with your joviality and zest for life.

Practical notes: This design is probably the most-most comfortable out of all designs of dresses. It fits, flared, placket for the collar variants: business, casual, day offneeded variability in one design.
Practical suggestions:
Soft and wearable fabric. Fine denim texture.
Simple home fabric care.
Mixture of cotton and PE.
Original Italian buttons.
Waist belt of the same material.

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