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Editor's notes: Composition of the image:

The first impression is given by the monumental form. It is quite unusual, it reflects elegance and aristocracy, as well as restraint, confidence and philosophical objectivity inherent in the compositions of Greek architecture.

Further the composition is shown in a combination of contrasting lines of extreme points. Elongated in front of the hem, wide and short sleeves. Such straight lines, parallel to the ground, give the image nobility and tranquility, this condition is transmitted to the woman.

The completion of the composition is rather feminine - the exquisite ornament of the fabric - it compensates for the severity of the first impressions of the dress's shape.

Practical notes: Practical fabric on 80% of cotton + viscose and with the addition of a little synthetics.
The dress can be under the belt or without. If with a belt - a heel is allowed. Accessories - will be redundant.
The edge of the shoulder is ideal if you have a volume exhaust

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