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Editor's notes: flying, dress Kendra, created to soar above the ground.
Stop the moment and allow yourself to breathe in full, catch a light breeze. Let him play with your hair, wave the dress and gently tickle his hands.

At such times, all sawdust is blown out of the head, and thoughts become clearer.

The lack of clear lines of the figure here is dictated by the desire to completely free your body from any frictions or fixations. Only flowing cloths of cloth and freedom of movement.

Practical notes: Free cutting is not always easy.
Did not ignore the fit of the top of the figure.
Here, the recesses along the neck helped us, they help the cotton gently flow down the chest. A detachable waist and three folds on the front of the skirt just provide a moderate volume and freedom.

on a cold it is well combined with a golf, top and even a blouse.
Shoes - under the mood - lofers, sneakers ...

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