queen blue dress Belka

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Editor's notes: it's not a secret to create something new - we are often inspired by something that already exists.

but now the secret.
to create a new model of dress - the best inspiration - when you think, imagine a woman who will be dressed in this model,)

For this model, we represented an active, independent and effective woman with magnetic charm, natural charm and charming charisma, before which neither projects nor people can stand.

This dress equally well cope with both day and evening tasks, emphasizing the bright personality, irresistibility and impeccable sense of style of its owner. It's not for nothing that the Queen of Britain has been wearing this shade for so many years at all the most important events.

Practical notes: The first impression of the image is a pyramidal shape that gives a woman strength, gives additional confidence.
Further, the focus of attention and impression shifts on the line forming this form.
The final chord - details, halftones and a general plume of intrigue and mystery that are hidden in the bottomless depths of the female soul

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