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                                                                     why do we like to be updated ???)))

1. to live here and now.

You probably know what happens - when you remember something from the past, and though everything is gone - and you are only living it again.
And you don't just think about it, you feel all the fiber right with all the fiber.
BUT today is today)))

thoughts, feelings, body condition - it is useful to adapt to adequate time - to live in the moment - to be in the rhythm of your life,)
Instead of holding on to the past ... or copying someone else's experience.
therefore, when the internal state changes, new stripes under the eyes and new hobbies have appeared, other accents have become relevant and valuable, the quality is felt at a new level (wine in packages from a student, today - a glass) UPGRADE AND YOUR SELF-EXPRESSION !!!
Now have you started to appreciate the originality of the silhouette for changing your jeans and sneakers? enjoy the harmony of the lines, the non-trivial color solution after all black?
we understand and feel you)))
this is the kind of new clothes we create ... for the transition to the real new!


 2. Fill your environment with new meaning

travel is so popular today.
we get into a new environment, other impulses act on our bodies and we get a new experience, new emotions, new experiences ..... we switch and dream again, we strive, we are kayphing!
and noticed when we come back - and again in the same conditions, the people around us, the wardrobe .... - then the dreamy changes, aspirations, plans remain somewhere there .... in travels)) and we are again "in a circle".
the reason is that the changes we came in contact with - we were given, we just accepted them ... and emotions were triggered by the powerful release of hormones from the simultaneous impact of various new impulses.
We did NOT create them, we consumed them.
we did not organize that party, did they build such an architecture, and did not even prepare that lobster)))

what do you feel when you wear exactly the dress you choose?
well, the one that caught you, to which you picked up shoes, thought about the hairstyle .... and even make sure not to slouch,)
what do you feel when you wear it?
every time you put it on ..
Do you feel equal or confident?
does it inspire you to your new self?

the reason for this "constant lively impact" on clothing - because you created this image yourself!
were missing what was at a discount.
and did not choose a "cat in a bag" from overseas on photoshop edited photos.
and independently touched, felt, expressed ...

That is why, the next time you need to change your environment - do not hurry to limit yourself by collecting another "where the tickets will be".
Try to REALLY CHANGE YOUR OUTSIDE ENVIRONMENT .... and cook up that lobster eventually)))

try on!    feel it!    express U!