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Let's get acquainted, my name is Olesya.
I live in Lviv and adore original dresses. Not those dresses that are replicated in thousands and we all see them at every firm / restaurant / restaurant 1-2 times a day.
Other dresses.
in "Okolitsy Europe" I am the person who solves all your requests / wishes / recommendations related to shopping in this corner of the world cyber space - virtual store.


Why did I start selling online sales?
For purchases through the site are possible from any place (workplace, a car that is now in a traffic jam, from a cozy bed), at any convenient time (even at night!). And this format - does not oblige - no promises and communications, views assessing, meeting with friends ... do not even need to shave your legs and you can eat your favorite ice cream.
I like it so much to buy,)
In the "outskirts" we have been working on creating dresses for a long time, considering every nuance, pleasant trifles. Therefore, our dresses are so charged for positive and unusually comfortable. They emphasize the delights of the body, removing all the small flaws that we can afford. That's only with the online service was a hitch.
And now it works!
Probably, something is not considered for your convenience. Then feel free to contact me and I will try to make this process more convenient, pleasant, and more useful for you.

Promptly and in detail I will answer all your questions, attentively I shall concern to wishes and remarks.
Clearly and in more detail I will open the ideas that we put into our products. You will be convinced that our imagination can be used in the formation of your personal style and the main thing = for self-expression / expression / filling. All this will pass in the course of normal human communication.

My height and other body parameters are special. As with all women. And yes, I'm not ideal for Michelangelo)))) Therefore, I myself know how difficult it is to pick a dress for yourself, your mood, your values ​​/ expectations / aspirations.
Forever something in my head jumps these ideas, thoughts.
And here also through the Internet to order not measuring, aaaa!
It is from a long personal experience - I offer a different, more comfortable and profitable approach to shopping in the online clothing store:


Payment is made only after you try the product in a convenient place for you.

To not on one leg and under the eyes of the queue at the post office, for example, it bothers me / strains.
Therefore, yes, yes, it's all right - first you get the product, try it on in comfortable conditions (at home, office ... or in one of our shops Lviv-Kiev-Odessa) you think about, feel ... and then decide if it's worth it refill the wardrobe or send back.
Once again, yes, you do not have to pay in advance or at once to the courier. Shipping is paid by us. You get, try on, and then decide to pay or not.
We trust you (we simply do not have advertising and random buyers, we know for whom we are trying).



simple exchange and return of products

without superfluous applications, old checks, etc.
and of course, at our expense !!!




if there is no size - then we will delete the product you liked for THREE (3) working days!

without additional mark-up!
For we produce clothes with the aim that it should be worn by such wonderful people as you. Therefore, of course, we will tailor it specially for you right now-that's that model, and in the right size for you.
No restrictions like - "the season is gone and your train with him," neither nor neither, is not ours. Yes, this is often dense where just haggling, auctions and a constant devastating race. For traders do not produce, but vparivayut.
But we differ in that we independently think and produce what we offer. And therefore each product has value and utility ... in time, for human life .. and not exclusively "skoka on this mowed".
We can produce the right size for you if it is not currently in stock.




For all our products, we provide an IMMEDIATE GUARANTEE. If the thread in the seam parted, or hooked, or the collector's button was lost, everything was repaired for free.
Just send us the product for a couple of days and voila, like a brand new one!

That's right, because we really care about making things become a part of your creative life, inspiring you. Why just a bunch of unnecessary products devastating and polluting nature?

Clothes can serve for years. For this we choose wear-resistant fabrics, competently design, take care of the aesthetics of creativity and sincerity, and not about the trends of gloss.
Therefore, we provide guaranteed free repair to our products, so that they will please you for years.


Yes, that's the kind of store I dreamed of for myself))) Therefore, I created such a store for you.

If you have any questions or ideas regarding a more convenient option for cooperation - I'm ready to answer them:

                       (+38099) 328-80-25                           (10.00-18.00)
L'viv, 9 Brativ Michnovskykh         (UA)

in your curtsy, Olesya Nimchenko